German Shorthair Pointers
Ross and Pauline Goerdt
Somerset, Wisconsin
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                              Gretchen and little Kit, 2004.

Welcome to Gunslinger's Kennel

It all started with an older German Shorthair female (named Gretchen of course) that I rescued from a friend of a friend.  With no training she still was an okay hunting dog, but I wanted a hunting dog that was more reliable and not so timid.  Along came an opportunity from a Pheasants Forever banquet, again it was a friend of a friend that had a litter of German Shorthairs on its way and was looking for owners.  I put my name on the list and April of 2004 Kit was born.  When she came to live with me I could see from the word go she was high-spirited.  I learned quickly to dog-proof the house or risk the consequences;  loaves of bread, a pan of brownies, my butter dish, a whole bottle of Rimadyl all disappeared into Kit.  Although she looked to Gretchen as a mother to begin with, Kit soon became alpha dog of the house.  I was busy and did not do much training with Kit but her Natural ability was undeniable!  While out in South Dakota my friend Chris (whose old boss and mutual friend unknowingly would become the handler that would take Kit all the way to Versatile Champion) told me Kit was gifted and she needed to be trained.  After searching for a trainer to help Kit achieve her highest potential, I came across one of the best trainers nearly in my back yard and was lucky enough to get her into their training schedule.  Just 10 miles away in New Richmond Sharp Shooter's Kennel took Kit in at 3 years old, too old to do any Natural Ability training so they started her right into the Utility training through NAVHDA.  The things she learned and showed me she could do with some training amazed me......she was turning into a much better hunter than me.  I was out Elk hunting in Idaho when Kit got a perfect score on her Versatile Test.  I missed seeing all the excitement that happened with that test, but I did get to see her get her Versatile Champion trial the following year.  Since then we have enjoyed many hunts with Kit (and now her boys) even having to learn to duck and goose hunt as Kit loves the water so much.


                          A great day of fun.  Oct 2009


           Taking a break from pheasant hunting, Mickey and Kit notice the swans.  

                     Buffalo Bill Cody and  Cowboy Mickey ( 2009 litter)